A digest of items of news and business from the committtee which
maybe of general interest to members



Structure on Club Site

Three Committee members have had a pre planning meeting with a planning officer from the BA regarding the construction of a new ‘structure’ on the moorings.  The meeting was very positive, the next stage is to provide more detailed drawings and contact the landlord.  This is already in hand.


TMOR Race Control

Phil and Jamie (RC Crocus) will be taking over race control at TMOR.  They are looking at new hardware and software with John Aves and other club members who have experience in this area.


Speed Sign

The committee has agreed that a temporary speed sign will be placed on the moorings from time to time by BA Rangers.


Mooring Work Party

A work party at the moorings has been arranged for Saturday 17thNovember.  Jobs to do; cut grass, repair holes, trim trees. More information on the website.


2019 Calendar of Events

Next year’s proposed events list is on the website.   The list will not be confirmed until all dates have been agreed with other clubs.


Stern Registration Numbers


The committee discussed the issue of registration numbers on transoms and is writing to the BA for clarification on the rationale for their attempts to enforce this when it has not been enforced in previous years.





The neighbouring property under construction has an electricity supply directly to the back of the property.  It should, therefore, be possible for electricity to be supplied to the EACC plot.

Dredging has been carried out by Tom Moore along the right hand bank six feet into the moorings and also along the back and side of Sun Glory’s mooring.   Solace and Sun Glory were moved whilst this was being done.  Also some was taken out along Mischief’s bank and the banks built up in several places.  The spoil from previous dredging on the right hand bank has been levelled.   Thanks to Tom as this has saved the club hiring a contractor to do the work.  However, a larger dredger will be needed to dredge in the section in front of Solace where Tom’s digger couldn’t reach.  This will be done in the near future as there will be a contractor working in the area.  It is hoped that the safety ladder will be repaired in the near future.

A Request has been made for Broads Authority Rangers to use the moorings for temporary speed signs.  Committee agreed to this in principle and we are waiting further communication.

A pre-application enquiry to the Planning Department of the Broad’s Authority has been made regarding a new shed and a reply is awaited.



A new software system for race control is needed at TMOR.  Sadly, after many years John Aves has decided to make 2019 his last year as Race Control Officer so someone is needed take over the job.  RYA and other local clubs are being contacted to see what systems are available.  


Broads Engage

Boundary Farm moorings – there is a ‘Broads Engage’ organised for Tuesday 6thNovember at the Acle War Memorial Recreational Centre which will be looking at all aspects of access to the Broads.  Moorings will be part of this.  


JULY 2018


The Moorings

Tom Moore will be using his digger for dredging on the Club’s moorings later this week.  Any disruption will be kept to a minimum.  


Would members intending to leave a boat moored on the club moorings please let the moorings officer or a committee member know. 



Great Yarmouth Yacht Club are holding a Regatta on 1st/2ndSeptember to which all EACC members are invited.   No more information available at present.


Safety Boat

Club members are welcome to borrow the safety boat moored in Thurne Dyke for access to the EACC moorings, to load boats on moorings between Thurne Mouth and Womack Dyke entrance.   The cowling, keys, log book and spare fuel will soon be kept at Tom Moore’s house, in a box with a combination lock.   Members to contact the Bosun (Ian Stewart) when borrowing the boat for the first time for instructions.

If anyone has spare keys to either safety boat please return them to Ian Stewart.  



The Broads Authority have been contacted about the possibility of a new shed on the moorings. A pre-application enquiry is being prepared.




It would be super if someone would take on the task of digitally archiving the club’s records.  There is no time limit for the job so if you would like to learn more about the club’s history and would like to take on this task please contact secretary@ea-cc.org


APRIL 2018


The Moorings

Last weekend’s work party has improved the moorings a great deal.  The lawn mower will be on site shortly and the grass will be cut before the weekend. There are still spaces on the mowing rota!

The Committee has work planned at the moorings and the quay-heading taken out last year could be useful so please don’t remove any from the site.



The Committee were saddened to learn from Peter Atkins that his dad John was very poorly with dementia and not able to continue as a Trustee of the club.  John Atkins was Skipper of EACC in 1981, 1982 and 1993.  Many active members from that time will remember family fun times in Pat and John Atkins’ garden fronting South Walsham Broad.   Peter thinks his dad would enjoy a visit from any friend who wished to see him.  Please email Ruth on cordy384@live.co.uk if you would like to arrange to visit John, his son will remind him on the morning of your visit.



The TMOR Committee are busy making plans for the Regatta.  All going well so far.  We hope to have a double width bridge in situ this year.  All offers of help will be gratefully accepted.   An email to this end will be sent to members shortly.


Safety Boat Training

Ian Mason and Tom Moore are planning a Safety Boat Training day on Saturday 12thMay.  There are places for six people.   Anyone interested should contact Sam May (contact details in the White Book/on website).


Club Records

The Committee is actively seeking a club member who would be interested in taking on the task of digitally archiving the club’s records.  There is no time limit for the job so if you would like to learn more about the club’s history and would like to take on this task please contact secretary@ea-cc.org


MARCH 2018


Plot 7, the existing mooring plot

Following the committee's decision not to pursue plot 6 it was decided it would be useful if we could have a bigger shed on the club moorings for storage but this would need Planning Permission.  Initial drawings have been made and advice is being sought from the Broads Authority.


2018 Programme

All club events are now covered for the next year. Details are on the website and in the recently published and distributed White Book. If you don't receive yours with your Green Book in the post by 1st April, it might be scheduled for hand delivery to your house or boat or it could be a sign that your subscription that was due on the 1st March has not been paid.


Work Party

A work party has been arranged for Saturday 7th April, meet at Thurne dyke at 10 a.m.  With the season fast approaching it is time to make the moorings neat and tidy and a pleasant place not only for mooring holders but for club events held there and for members to moor for picnics, BBQs and social gatherings. We need to get the grass cut, remove the mole hills and fill holes and generally tidy the place up.  Please let Paul Stevens or David Thompson know if you are able to help.


Broads Area Yare and Bure Championship

Good news for YBOD owners – it is hoped that the class will hold a Broads Area Yare and Bure Championship this year and the EACC Open on 6/7October will be one of the four qualifying events.


Club's Historical Records

The Committee is actively seeking a club member who would be interested in taking on the task of digitally archiving the club’s records.  There is no time limit for the job so if you would like to learn more about the club’s history and would like to take on this task please contact secretary@ea-cc.org



Plot 6

After a lot of thought and discussion, the committee have decided that the club cannot afford to take on Plot 6. The plot is quite small as is the building that has Planning Permission to be built on it.  It would not be allowed to be used for overnight accommodation and would not be suitable for a club house. We are however looking into the possibility of an electricity supply and widening the dyke at Plot 7.   It would also be useful if we could have a bigger shed for storage but this would need Planning Permission.  A pre-planning meeting with the BA is being planned.


Work Paries and Quay Heading repairs

It is not possible to have access to the moorings along the track from Cold Harbour at present due to the ground conditions.  We have been advised to ask again in a month’s time.   A date for a work party at the moorings is to be arranged at next month’s meeting.



East Anglian Air Ambulance is to be the club’s chosen charity this year.



The Committee is delighted to announce that Roger Everett has agreed to become a Trustee of the club.



Events for the year are filled apart from the EACC Open and Spring Cruise. (now covered)


White Book 

Only the names of members who have not returned the data protection forms will be listed in the 2018 White Book. Dates confirmed for winter events 2019 – Winter Walk 10th February, Pub Night 9th March.



The Bosun is busy arranging the servicing of the lawn mower, strimmer and safety boat engines.



A sub-committee led by Liz Chettleburgh has met with the Moorings Landlord’s Agents regarding the lease. Discussions with the land owner are ongoing.


The Membership Secretary is ready to send out membership renewal forms and Privacy Policy to compliy with the new data protection regulations which come into force in May this year. All members must sign and return. Subscription Standing orders should also be changed to £21 by 1st March.


A  work party at the moorings is planned at the end of February. Details will be on the website in due course.


It has been confirmed that the 24 hour moorings at Thurne Mouth will definitely not be available for TMOR again this year.


Club rugby shirts are available, email Lisa Burton with orders.

Nick Wiggins has stood down from the committee, and we now have a small team led by Liz Chettleburgh dealing with the lease negotiations. More news on those as we get it.
Due to the Lady Yacht Club unilaterally changing the date of their event held at Thurne Mouth, we have had to change the date of the Autumn regatta from the 30th September to the 14th of October. This has also meant that Steve Burton, holder of the Crystal Ball trophy, is unable to run the planned new event that was to take place on Saturday 29th September.  This is a real shame, but it is felt that it would be too difficult to run what would have undoubtedly been a popular event at the same time that the cruisers and white boats of the LYC are racing on the same stretch of water. Steve has yet to decide which event he will put the Crystal Ball trophy up for.

2017 AGM Minutes
Members can click here to read the draft minutes of the 2017 AGM
Click here to see the Accounts Balance sheet.
(N.B. Both are password protected - password provided in email sent to all members 14 Dec 2017)

3rd December 2017,  NEWS ROUNDUP FOR THE YEAR
The treasurer has done some sterling work this year on the finances, and has produced a forward planning study that keeps the finances under tight control and will ensure our financial viability for the foreseeable future. This has led to the committee taking the decision to increase the membership subscription and the mooring fees by a small amount. Annual subscription has now risen to £21.
The club site has had new quay heading on the river frontage, and Tom and David are going to be doing more running repairs over the next few months. Planning permission for this covers the whole site and as we have started the works is not time limited. To help cover the cost we have decided to increase mooring fees also, and these rise to £15.11 per foot.
The new lease for the club site has still not been officially signed, but the costs have all been agreed and the treasurer has taken this into account in his master plan. The Skipper wishes personally re-assure everyone that EACC's relationship with the landowners is excellent, and there are further negotiations over the possibility of taking over plot 6 ongoing. However no decision will be able to be made on that matter until later on next year.
We have formed an excellent friendship with the YSC, helping them out with a safety boat for the Breydon regatta and bringing most of their trophies north for them. Look out for details of the joint social event planned for the 13th of January.
For the first time we have adopted a charity to support, this year it has been the Nancy Oldfield Trust, and we have raised over £300 for them this year.
TMOR was another great success, despite losing the 24 hour moorings. The new infrastructure has  worked very well, set up and takedown were much improved, and the new layout of the marquee and the floating pontoon were very successful.


Please note that the dates for 2018 events published on the website are still provisional - the Autumn Regatta and Autumn cruise particularly are still under consideration.