2012 Hilary-Mowing


Please help us keep the Club site tidy by volunteering to cut the main area of grass on one or more of the dates listed below or within a couple of days either side. There is no need to strim around the mooring posts next to moorings as individual berth holders are asked to do that around their own boats.


We have a very efficient mower and wheeled strimmer which should make light work of the job. If you have any questions about accessing or using them please contact the MOORINGS OFFICER


To add your name to the rota  PLEASE CLICK HERE  Your name will then be added to the rota normally within a few hours.


If you offer to cut the grass please make sure you do it if you possibly can, on or around the date chosen, alternatively if you have a problem with doing it around then, please try to swap dates with someone else or, as a last resort please click on the link above to submit an alternative date, but please avoid doing this at the last minute.



Volunteers - It would be helpful if you would contact the moorings officer when done to report the status of grass, mower, fuel etc.

31 March

Jo Edye

14 April 

Paul and Jane

28 April 


12 May 


26 May (TMOR w/e)


9 June


23 June

Steve and Lisa

7 July


21 July




18 August




15 September


29 September


Access to the moorings is now only via the river. The old safety boat is kept on moorings in Thurne Dyke. The keys are kept at a house nearby in Thurne. (email the moorings officer or find his contact details in the White Book if you want to know the know the location)