Saturday 28th September - Sunday 29th September 2019


Cruise Leaders: Colin and Frankie Little






























(but they have b******d off in search of Greek sunshine so we are doing our own thing)


Proposed Plan for Autumn Cruise 2018

Friday 28th/Sunday 30thSeptember


N.B. complete change of plan to that originally published


Friday 28thSeptember  

Group meal in Thurne Lion 7.00 p.m. (Use menu on their website and let Ruth know your choices)


Saturday 29thSeptember

Leave club moorings a.m.(when we are all ready) up the Ant to Barton, Stop for coffee/lunch wherever we decide. Play on Barton during day then to Gays Staithe for the night. 

Eating at White Horse Neatishead 7.45pm (contact Jimmy if you want to join. Pre-orders needed)


Sunday 30thSeptember

Make it up as we go along


Boats so far committed to cruising:

Pippinjack   Paul and Jane

Moon Daisy   Jimmy and Carolyn

Ranger III   Roger and Lesley

Picus + another boat   Richard and Sally-Ann + 2½

Sandpiper   Colin and Frankie

Moorhen Dr. Tom