Southern Rivers Cruise 2018


Friday (evening) 10th August to Saturday 18th  August



If the thought of cruising the relatively quiet and open waters of the

Southern Rivers and Broads, in company, perhaps en route to Oulton Regatta, appeals, and you are free for some or all of the time, then this

annual cruise to the southern rivers is a must.


Details here soon


Cruise Leader:  Jimmy James (Bishy Barney Bee)



Itinerary Seventh Draft!




Friday 11 August

Leave Acle about 4.0pm through Yarmouth for LW at 7.40pm across Breydon (there might still be a little ebb on Breydon, but if the weather is good it will get you to Berney for supper at a reasonable time), overnight on Berney Arms BA 24hr moorings, we have kind permission to moor, free of charge, on the RSPB moorings (at your own risk), just upstream of the BA moorings by the Mill. Eat on board. 


Saturday 12 August

Leave Berney at about 7.0am (to make the most of the tide), sail to Brundall. Overnight Brundall moorings, Ting Dene Marinas, with access to posh showers toilets and laundry room! – Group meal in East Hills café/bistro. booking of menu choices will be required for this group meal. Access to shops in Brundall. Water available in marina. 


Sunday 13 August

Off up to Norwich today. For those who wish to ‘to go all the way’ make for New Mills Yard, and stop at The Ribs of Beef for a beer. Overnight on Trowse meadow (Note this is ‘wild mooring’ on the meadow, this is not a formal mooring. I have strimmed our mooring spot, but be aware there are cattle grazing the meadow – for those who do not wish to moor here there are BA 24hr moorings at Whitlingham). BBQ if you wish, or book your own meal at White Horse PH. (Access to showers, toilets, and outside water tap at Ski Club by kind permission of Ski Club for donation to charity). Corner shop in Trowse, supermarket, ATM etc in Norwich. Water available from Ski Club. 


Monday 14 August

Relaxing Day today, short cruise to Rockland, mooring on BA 24hr moorings at the end of Rockland staithe, if there is not sufficient room some may have to moor on the long dyke to Rockland Broad and have an extra 5 min walk to pub. So if you want to catch the tide, and have a chance of a mooring at Rockland staithe leave am. Chance for a walk around Strumpshaw Fen. Evening meal in Rockland New booking of menu choices will be required for this group meal. Access to shop in village (short walk), and water available from pub outside tap. 


Tuesday 15 August

If you want a healthy fried breakfast, then the New Inn will do one for you (let them know the night before). For maximum use of tides leave Rockland am with the aim to be at Hardley cross for about 12 mid-day, so you can catch the flood tide up to Loddon. Overnight at Pyes Mill 24hr moorings. These moorings are popular so don’t hang back too far, (a local landowner has kindly given permission for overflow ‘wild mooring’ if there is no space for us all). BBQ again, or cook on board. Toilets, Showers, and water hose further up the river at Loddon Staithe 24 hr moorings (access for showers via tokens from Kings Head Pub). Shops, pubs, take a way food, ATM etc in Loddon. Butchers, J Ward 01508 520228, at far end of High Street closes at 5.30pm.


Wednesday 16 August

You can have a little lie in today, but try to be at Reedham by about 12.30pm, down the New Cut (or the long way round if the wind is favourable), catching the flood tide up to Beccles Sailing Club, where we will be made most welcome. They will open up the club house for us, so we can make use of loos, the bar, and showers if required. They have hard standings for BBQ, so it will be a cook on board/BBQ night. I will do a whip-round for a donation to Beccles Sailing Club for their hospitality after you have all had a drink or two!


Thursday 17 August

Off up to Geldeston, not The Locks though this year! We are off up to the village, ‘wild mooring’ on dyke just outside Rowan Craft marina, this is not a formal mooring and we may have to double moor to get everybody in. Group meal at Wherry Inn.   Pre booking of menu choices will be required for this group meal. (Access to showers and toilets by kind permission of Rowan Craft, showers 20p, loos donation to charity!) 


Friday 18 August

Back downstream today to Somerleyton. Overnight on 24hr moorings. It will be cosy there as the Green Wyverns will be there, together with those competing in Round the Island Race the next day also, but there is (I hope) room for us all, with some double, or triple mooring. The Green Wyverns are expecting us and if there before us will help you moor. Group meal in Dukes Head PH We will have to pre-order this meal also.


Saturday 19 August

Nice lie-in. You have the choice of taking part in, or watching, the Round the Island Race, before you set off ‘up north’ across Breydon. Yarmouth, LW 3.0pm at yacht station, so not much flood on Bure before 5.0pm. Overnight can be arranged, Stokesby, Acle or even Upton; all look doable, or eat on board to use up what you have left over!!

Some of you may being staying ‘south’ and off to Oulton?

For those staying ‘South’ GWYC invite EACC to join them for a set group meal at Dukes Head PH at 7.30pm 19 August (£11 per head Bangers and Mash or Fish and Chips – it is worth it I have been there on a previous year!)

Please drop Jimmy a line if you are intending to take part.



So far the following have contacted Jimmy, (or those that Jimmy can remember contacting him are):

Bishy - Jimmy and Carolyn

Ranger - Roger and Lesley

Nutcacker - Mike and Sally

Pilot - Mike and Barbara 

Cordy - David and Ruth

Starshell - Paul and Ruth

Freedom – Shaun

Kobweb – Ian 

Pirate/Moorhen - Tom (Pip & Molly)

Breeze - Colin and Liz

Tranquil - Mike and Michelle

Marilyn Ann - Phil and Kim



If you intend to join either by boat, car, walking or whatever at any stage please let Jimmy know.



Contact Jimmy James