Friday 25th May (Evening) to Monday 28th May 2018


Venue: Thurne Mouth

Organising Committee Chairman: Tom Moore



Details here soon







Moorings for TMOR 2017


There was a meeting today between EACC representatives, BESL and the owners of Boundary Farm, who own the old 24 hour moorings at Thurne Mouth.  As most people are aware, these moorings are currently being removed by BESL. It is hoped that they will be replaced by next season with 24 hr pontoon moorings run by the Broads Authority. As a result of this meeting we have agreed that this bit of bank, which currently resembles the Somme, cannot be used for moorings for TMOR this year. Competitors are asked not to moor there.


The options for mooring are:

  • The marsh bank from the TMOR tent all the way up to the moorings near Thurne Dyke. There will not be any racing up the Thurne this year so it is probably acceptable to double or even treble moor along this bank – depending on the width of your craft. Please be aware of nesting birds and keep paths to and from boats as discreet as possible
  • The southern bank of the Bure going from the TMOR starting point on the corner up towards Horning. This is piled but the piling is not is particularly good condition but goes for a significant distance. You will need a dinghy if you moor there. 
  • The Lion inn at Thurne is undergoing refurbishment and should be open by the regatta. The moorings on the north side of the dyke belong to the pub and are currently free 24 hour moorings for patrons of the pub. The pub will apparently be enforcing the 24 hr limit.
  • The moorings on the south side of the dyke belong to the Red House Farm and any mooring there will be by negotiation with the landowner – Mr Lamb.

Regretfully this will make mooring difficult this year. We ask competitors to be tolerant and to try to help people to moor wherever possible. Wherever you moor please remove any planking or temporary jetties used when vacating the site.

And would everyone please note that the facilities at the Bureside campsite are for the exclusive use of those staying on that campsite. THEY ARE NOT available for the general use of Regatta goers. EACC currently enjoy a good relationship with the landowner and we don't wish to jeopardise this by abusing his trust and goodwill.
Apparently there is going to be wall to wall sunshine and 10 mph breezes all weekend. See you there.   


Tom Moore. 

TMOR co-ordinator. Wednesday 18th May 2017.








So here we are again at the start of May and Thurne Mouth Open Regatta is once again upon us.
And of course we need your help! 
We need bodies for site clearance and general set up for Wednesday 24th, particularly Thursday 25th and Friday 26th - if you can help us out for any of those days or parts thereof please email me, Tom Moore, when you can make it.
We will of course be extremely grateful for any help you can offer
Hope to hear from lots of you
Tom Moore (TMOR Coordinator)
Footnote: Charlie and BESL have done a grand job on site and I think we can cancel most of Wednesday’s work party.  However I will be there on Wednesday with my strimmer. If one or two people happened to turn up with strimmers it would make my job easier.  However we will not be able to use the rhond to bring in trailers, beer, generator etc., so we really really need as much help as possible on Thursday. There will be a lot of carrying to do.  A barrow or two would be very useful since all the beer and all the equipment will need to come across the bridge.




We already have several volunteers, but if anyone else is prepared to put themselves
forward it would be great
Shifts are split into 9am - 1.30pm and 1.30pm - 6pm on Saturday and Sunday with just the one on Monday
If you'd like to help out then please email me at giving the day and shift 
(am or pm) you would like to volunteer for
Sam May

Hello all, TMOR is approaching so I am putting together the bar rota and am seeking 
volunteers again for bar duties.
Please don’t worry about experience as its not really necessary, apart from the fact that
you’re likely to be serving your skipper, crew or friends!
If you are willing and able to help please email me at with preferred times / days (Preferably 2 hour slots) It would also be really helpful if you could include a contact number
for the TMOR weekend. 
The club really does appreciate your support and assistance during the weekend.

Many Thanks, in anticipation

Di Seeney.



Calling all home bakers......please  could you bring something nice along to go with a

cup of tea at TMOR. If possible please include a note of the ingredients in your cakes 

as we must display this information for allergy sufferers. 


As always your support would be really appreciated.


Thank you.


Ruth Thompson



Please note there may be changes to this schedule, please refer to the TMOR Programme

available at the event for accurate times


Friday 27th May
The bar will open in the evening. There will be a Chilli available from 7pm
Thurne Mouth Malts and the EACC Pop-up Gin Bar available from 8pm 
Saturday  27th May  2017
1.         11.00  Yare and Bure One Design

                        Tunbridge Cup   (1st of 3 races, 2 to count)

2.         11.10  BOD

                        Curtis Cup      (1st of 5 races, 4 to count)

3.          11.15  Combined Allcomers Split starts as required       (1st of 3 races, 2 to count)

Grapes Cup / East Anglian Charity Cup  / Pat Atkins Cup (for first helm under 15 yr on     27/5/17 – split announced on the boards

4.         12.30  River Cruisers

                        Lady Caroline Cup    split as required

5.         14.15  Yare and Bure One Design  (2nd of 3 races, 2 to count)

                        Tunbridge Cup                                             

6.         14.25  BOD

                        Curtis Cup                              (2nd of 5 races, 4 to count)

7.          14.35  Combined Allcomers Split starts as required        (2nd of 3 races, 2 to count)

Grapes Cup / East Anglian Charity Cup  / Pat Atkins Cup (for first helm under 15 yr on 27/5/17 – split announced on the boards

8.           15.45*River Cruisers                                  split as required

            Ollerenshaw Cup for EACC Members

            Perpetual trophy for non eacc members

9.         17.15  Crews Race

                                    Dunkirk Trophy  (entries by 15.30 please) 


Food will be served in the marquee on all days - bacon/sausage baps for breakfast, sandwiches/rolls for lunch and tea & cake served during the afternoon. On Saturday evening there will be a fantastic Hog roast, which will be available in the Marquee from 18.30, and live entertainment by “Lee Vann” 

Sunday 28 May 2017

10.       09.45  Yare and Bure One Design  (3rd of 3 races, 2 to count)

            Tunbridge Cup

11.       09.55  BOD                                        (3rd of 5 races, 4 to count)

                        Curtis Cup

12.        10.05  Combined Allcomers Split starts as required     (3rd of 3 races, 2 to count) Grapes Cup / East Anglian Charity Cup  / Pat Atkins Cup (for first helm under 15 yr on 27/5/17 – split announced on the boards & Whitbread Lacon Trophy

13.       11.15*  River Cruisers                        (1st of 2 races, both to count) 

                        Ames Cup       split as required

14.       12.30  Yare and Bure One Design  (1st of 2 races, both to count) 

                        Berry Cup

15.       12.40  BOD               (4th of 5 races, 4 to count) 

                        Curtis Cup

16.         12.50  Combined Allcomers Split starts as required  (1st of 2 races, both to count)

               Pritchard Trophy / Siren Trophy / Junior Glass (for first helm under 15 yr on 27/5/17)     – splits announced on the boards

17.        14.00 River Cruisers            (2nd of 2 races, both  to count) 

                        Ames Cup       split as required

18.        15.45  Mixed One Designs

            Arrow Cup (see rule 20F)

19.       16.40  Handicap for local boats

            Herbert Woods Memorial Trophy (see rule 20h)


17.45 Briefing for Cock of the Broads Passage race in the Marque

– entries will be accepted following the briefing for 30 minutes


There will be a range of CURRIES available in the marquee from about 18.30hrs, with live evening entertainment from 20.30, featuring ‘The Frozen Raspberries'


Monday 29 May 2017

20.  9.45         Yare and Bure One Design  (2nd of 2 races, both to count) 

                        Berry Cup

21.  9.55          BOD                                       (5th of 5 races, 4 to count) 

                        Curtis Cup

22. 10.05        Combined Allcomers     Split starts as required  (2nd of 2 races, both to count) 

Pritchard Trophy / Siren Trophy / Junior Glass (for first helm under 15 yr on 27/5/17)

23. 11.30        Passage Race for Combined keel boats and trialling for 2017 including

 to 13.00         Allcomers and centreboard or dagger board dinghies over 18ft in boat length (no single     handers allowed due to safety – minimum crew of two) .

            Cock of the Broads overall winner on handicap

            Catriona Cup first RCC boat

  Ladybird Trophy for the fastest passage (e.g. shortest elapsed time) inc allcomers   

            Fantome Barometer for the first RCC boat built before 1950

            Heller Cup for first non RCC Cruiser

            Eastwood Trophy for first lady helm

            Peacock Trophy fo fastest Yare and Bure One Design

            Fastest BOD

            Fastest  Allcomer on handicap (excluding keel boats)

Briefing for this race is the previous evening in the marquee at 17.45

Open to all RCC cruisers, productions cruisers and half decked keel boats plus trialling for 2017  including Allcomers and centreboard or dagger board dinghies over 18ft in boat length  (no single handers allowed due to safety - – minimum crew of two) . All helms should be 16 years or over on  27/5/17.

Competitors will book confidential start times following the briefing at 17.45 the previous evening or from 9.00 am. Starts at 5 minute intervals from 11.30 am until 13.00 max 6 boats per start (the number of starters may be reduced by the committee if weather conditions dictate). Race duration approx. 1.5 hrs. there will be a cut off time for finishing at 14.30 hrs. N.B. Bouancy aids should be worn by all competitors if the Y flag is flown.


Prizegiving will be as soon as possible after the Cock of the Broads Passage Race


* Races marked with an asterisk are part of the series for the Frosty Cup in conjunction with the 2 cruiser handicap races at Acle Regatta – (3 out of 4 to count).


Competitors are asked, please, to help the committee with the take down and clearance of the site after prizegiving



On Friday Evening from 8pm only
EACC present a sumptuous selection of finest flavoursome gins, a munificence of marvellous mixers and gorgeous garnishes for the delection of the discerning denizens of this temporary tent of temptation.  For your pleasure, ladies and gentleman:
Blackwoods Vintage, from Shetlandserved with Fevertree bitter lemon and strawberry OR Fevertree tonic and orange peel.  EACC's  #no 1# gin from the 2016 summer cruise.
Gin Maré, from Spain, served with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic and rosemary. 2016 runner up and the classiest bottle.
Monkey 47, from the Black Forest.  Served with Fevertree tonic and lemon peel. Named for the year TMOR was first sailed (possibly). Formidable.
Thomas Dakin, from the Warrington canals area.   Served with Schweppes tonic, orange peel and coriander.  Based on an historical recipe for a cordial used as a stimulant to revive weary travellers on a long journey. 3RR?
Adnams First Rate, from Suffolk. Served with Fevertree tonic, lemon and thyme. Award winning, unlike their local football team.  Or ours, come to that.
Pell and Co Hopton Gin, distilled at the White Horse, Neatishead.  Served with Fevertree Mediterranean tonic and dried orange.  Our favourite locals, getting more local by the day. Hurrah!
Bullards Strawberry and Black Pepper, from Norwich. Served with Fevertree tonic, strawberries and mint. Summer in a glass, without the rain or the mud.
Priced at £3 for a single or £5 for a double.


We are pleased also to announce the re-appearance of the Thurne Mouth Malts Pop-up Whisky Bar at TMOR on Friday evening from 8pm as a supplement to the always excellent regular bar. We can present a small selection of single malts which represent the range of scottish whiskies to enable you perhaps to try a new style or simply a new expression of an old favourite. The following have been selected for their quality and to provide something different to the average bar selection:

Highland - Balblair 2003 - full bodied, citrus fruits,honey and spicy finish.
Highland - Old Pulteney 12 - the maritime malt. Light on the palate, salty. An east wind at TMOR.
Speyside - An Cnoc 12 - barley on the nose, clean and herbal, with a spicy fruity crescendo.
Speyside - Balvennie Double Wood - mellow, nutty, sherried. Warming. 
Islands/Islay - Talisker Storm - banana, wood smoke, brine. A beginners peated.
Islands/Islay - Bruicladdich Port Charlotte Heavily Peated 10 - a marmite of a whisky from the most maverick of distilleries. That's Bruichladdich. 
Lowland - Auchentoshan 3 Wood - triple distilled.  Cooked fruit, sherry toffee and rum like.

Tasting notes available and all priced to allow you to try the range. Water!