Autumn Cruise 2016


This year’s autumn cruise started on Friday evening with a few brave souls meeting on the moorings to begin the weekend. On our arrival Sandpiper, Pippinjack and Moorhen were already on the moorings. We arrived armed with two very large pans of stew to feed us for the evening. During the afternoon Adrian and Ruth had been over to the moorings to erect a gazebo and put one of the side’s in, to shelter us from the wind. After a drink to start the evening it was decided to move the picnic table under the gazebo as we were beginning to feel the effects of the wind. Adrian and Ruth arrived on the moorings ready for tea – but decided that it would be warmer to pop back home at the end of the evening. A text message for the Cordy’s let us know that they would be arriving in Saskia as it was a bit chilly for Cordy! Everybody arrived so the stew was warmed up with everyone huddled under the gazebo it began to feel more comfortable. After dark and stew eaten we could hear a boat heading towards the moorings, Insenity had arrived but there was still plenty of food left for Colin to enjoy.

The Cordy’s thought it would be a good idea to bring a couple of part bottles of rum to the table to be finished off – and they were finished off! (Undeterred by the shortage of glasses - Ed)

Photo: Steve Burton

The end of the evening came and off to bed we all went ready for the cruise to Horning on Saturday.


Saturday morning dawned with not much wind but the sun came out and the wind began to pick up. The boats began to arrive ready for the 10 o’clock ish briefing. Crocus, Nutcracker, Pixie, Sun Glory, Buccaneer and Moss Rose arrived alongside those that had been there overnight and were ready for the challenge that lay ahead.  The Autumn Cruise challenge was set; Tower Bridge was going to be built using balloons for their structures! The looks of confusion and disbelief gave way to questions and discussion about how they were going to rise to the challenge. Paul Steven’s pointed out the carefully purchased modelling balloons required the use of a pump and they were impossible to blow up manually. As we checked the packet it did state on the instructions that a pump would be required, oops we missed that bit! Ok no problem I said just use the ordinary balloons if you have no pump.

(It's amazing what can be done with an inflatable dinghy pump and a bit of ingenuity! - Ed)

Teams went off and the building began, some very clever structures were completed and then the second part of the challenge began. The rather large structures had to be taken on to the sailing boats within that team and sailed around the rivers being pictured at as many places as possible en route to Horning, the towers also had to spend time on each sailing boat during the trip, this meant ensuring that you could meet with your team at agreed locations.

Team A were the first to leave the moorings and head off to Horning, followed by Team C then Team B. We had arranged to meet for late lunch at Cockshoot moorings.

Photo: Colin Gibbon

Photo: Colin Gibbon

Photo: Colin Gibbon

We sailed up towards Horning seeing boats heading in the direction of Upton, South Walsham and Horning. Arriving at Cockshoot Moorhen, Pippinjack and Saskia had arrived ahead of us ready to assist with mooring.  Buccaneer arrived with Sally ready for a lunch break and more chatter, discussion about the Tower Bridges. The rest of the fleet soon began to arrive all ready for a break. The afternoon soon began to disappear so we started to make our way to The New Inn where moorings were pre booked and waiting for us. The onsite mooring attendant helped us all to moor safely and ensure the 13 boats all fitted in well ready for the evening. As would be expected some got out the kettle and some headed straight for the pub. Glider arrived later in the afternoon to take the last available mooring.


Evening arrived and off we all went to the pub ready for the evening meal. Judges had been asked to award points for the best built Tower Bridge. There were plenty of people booked to arrive by road for the evening meal – 41 people sat down for the evening meal. We had decided that even those that came by road should have a challenge so a pub quiz was handed round for every table to complete at their leisure through the evening. Food began to arrive and we were soon all tucking into a lovely meal.  The results of the efforts to build Tower Bridge were given after dinner. Team C – Sandpiper, Sun Glory and Insenity with the help of David and Marilou were the winning team! Well done to all the teams for their fantastic efforts to build Tower Bridge out of balloons! Then came the pub quiz answers. The questions were very random and cryptic, again I am impressed with the brains that are functioning at full capacity within EACC, even after copious amount of alcohol have been consumed.  The quiz was just for fun and some brilliant if not quite correct answers were revealed on some sheets. Dinner, quiz and judging complete people began to drift back to boats and cars ready to retire for the night. Some stayed until the pub closed.


Sunday morning dawned bright and sunny, but it didn’t stay that way for long. Soon the rain arrived and the wind picked up to quite a blow. A number of boats decided they would breakfast in the pub on Sunday morning; again a lovely breakfast was served. Gradually most of the cruise was in the pub enjoying tea, coffee and breakfast keeping out of the rain. It was decided that the last part of the team challenge would take place in the pub, this was in the form of an EACC knowledge base quiz. Heads put together and the teams started to answer the questions.  Answers were read out – as we got to the question “who won the cock of the broads race in 2010” I read the answer to hear a very indignant voice say “Frankie! I told you it was Moss Rose” Amazing how the years fade memories of who won which race even if it was you that won! Having totalled up all the team scores adding up the judges scores, places visited with Tower Bridge and quiz results it was Team A that won the overall weekend – Moss Rose, Crocus and Nutcracker were all on the winning team! Well done to Team A.

As the wind was blowing hard and forecast was for more rain it was decided that we would head off in the direction of home hoping to get back before further rain. The rain has stopped so everyone began to uncover boats and begin the journey home.


The end of another wonderful cruise with great company and amazing team spirit! Thank you to everyone who joined whether by boat or road. If anybody has any pictures of the weekend or places they visited with their towers it would be great if you could send them to Paul Stevens to be added to this report.


Steve & Lisa


Thanks Steve and Lisa for masterminding another fiendish Autumn Cruise