Pub Night

I can't say that winter 2016/17 has been particularly distinguished weather wise - it's been neither the coldest nor warmest, the driest nor wettest, or the snowiest. Maybe the drabbest?  Boat wise it's been no different to usual - a lot of time thinking about winter maintenance on Sun Glory, but precious little done. It's great distinctive characteristic though has been EACC breaking all records for the pub - we filled the Lord Nelson at Reedham in January with our joint social with YSC, we filled our capacious allocated space in the Recruiting Sergeant in February and in March we needed overflow tables in The Bridge at Acle, having already squeezed 40 into a space for 30 and still needing more room. I guess this means people like going to the pub, with their chums, between sailing. I just wish you wouldn't all talk about your winter maintenance achievements.