Rigging Out Supper

Saturday 22nd April



Once again the Rigging Out Supper was held at Stokesby Village Hall.  It's such a lovely venue - a nice, squarish hall which we can deck with flags and bunting without anyone fussing, a well equipped kitchen so we can do the food ourselves, a super little bar which is well priced and - best of all - it's on the river so those intrepid early souls can freeze their knots off, but have loads of fun doing it. And a good pub nearby for a cheeky warm-up beer.  So we decked the hall and cooked masses of food and drank some beer and wine and whatever and all had a very convivial evening.  The entertainment was provided by Ivan Cane of the North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust, who gave an interesting  illustrated talk about the history and restoration of the canal which was fascinating. [I cannot believe I just wrote that - it makes us sound so very old! But it really was good!]. Parts of the canal are now navigable, whilst parts are still 'work in progress', and it certainly looks like a good candidate for a winter walk or even an EACC canoe trip - or perhaps Jimmy wants to arrange a wild cruise? For those intrepid souls. It was a great evening, enjoyed by over 50 people. You won't get a better night out anywhere for only a tenner! See you on the water.