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Saturday, 29th August 2020




A one day club regatta featuring Thurne Roundabout races for River Cruisers and Allcomers



Venue:  Club Moorings


Following our successful Summer Regatta the EACC Committee has decided to offer a one day Regatta on the understanding that members continue to respect the Government guidelines on Covid 19 and that if circumstances change this decision may be reversed so keep an eye on the website.


The risk assessment undertaken by the committee for the summer regatta remains appropriate but the restriction regarding the number of households that forms a crew has been eased, (see RYA Guidance). The committee recognises that some members may still not feel comfortable participating in this event. The decision on whether to participate or not must rest entirely with individual members. 


The racing will follow the normal format for a Thurne Roundabout as shown in the accompanying programme, but please note the following special provisos which take precedence over the sailing instructions:


·       Entries to the race must be made by 6pm on Friday 28th August, using the email link at the bottom of this page. There will be no briefing and no signing in.

·       Entrants will be signed up to a Pop Up Regatta WhatsApp group which may be used to communicate further information as needed.


·       The Club moorings will be strictly limited to those running the racing and manning the safety boatMooring holders who are participating may of course access their boats but are requested not to return to their moorings until after the racing has finished and the race team have vacated the site.

·       There will be no evening social activities organised by the club and the club BBQ will not be available (RYA guidance).



·       Competitors and safety boat crew are required to wear personal floatation devices to reduce any potential demand on safety (RYA guidance).

·       The preferred manning of the safety boat will be by members of the same household or ‘bubble’, but the latest guidance allows for this to be eased providing that the risk is minimal. 

·       We have only commissioned one safety boat for use this year so rescue facilities may be limited. In an emergency, please post a message on the Pop Up Regatta WhatsApp Group and the safety boat will respond.  There will be no ferrying of club members to or from the Club site with the exception of those involved in the race management unless an emergency arises (RYA guidance). 

·       All the equipment used on the club site and on the safety boat will be sanitised before and after use and OOD and safety boat crews will wear gloves as appropriate.  



The OOD will set a course which will be displayed on the boards at the start line. The exact position of the marks may be communicated via the WhatsApp group if necessary.


This will be a charity race. Due to Covid 19 we do not wish to be handling cash, so donations should be sent to the EACC account (sort code 20-53-06 account no 40345601 ref: Charity Entry Fee) The minimum entry fee is £2 for each helm/race entered.  This donation will go to Norfolk Schools Sailing Association, the club's designated charity for this year.  


Race Officer: David Thompson


11:00 - 16.00   River Cruisers and Allcomers - Thurne Roundabout


The course and direction of rounding will be displayed on the course board. Do the three marks of course in any order, starting at any time after 11:00. Please hail the line when you intend to start indicating the direction you intend to cross the line and who will be helming. Any boat not finishing by 16:00 will be timed out. A boat may compete more than once during that period but must have a different helm each time.  Crews from different households or bubbles are allowed this time providing that safety advice from the RYA is observed. You may compete more than once in a different boat only if that boat has not already competed in the event with a different helm and crew. Please refer to:-  RYA Guidance on Sailing and Racing with participants from different households during COVID-19 in England.


Evening:   There will be no evening social activity due to Covid 19 restrictions. The Club BBQ will NOT be available. We regret there will be no mooring on the Club site during the day. 



Click here to email your entry to the OOD