Casual Use of Club Safety Boat

(as agreed at committee 18 June 2018, amended October 2022)


One or other of the club's safety boats is kept in its mooring at the far end of Thurne Dyke and may be use by any member for legitimate purposes only.


Legitimate uses of Safety Boat.

  • For mooring holders and other members to access the club site, club moorings, and other moorings in the close vicinity (moorings between the club site and Thurne Mouth only)
  • To carry out maintenance to the club site (for instance volunteers on the mowing rota) and to transport equipment and materials to the club site.
  • To take to another club's open event attended by members but only with the prior permission of the committee. Please contact the to request this at least in time for the last committee meeting before the event for which it is required.  N.B. in these circumstances it should not be used as a ’safety boat’ by that club. No arrangement to take the safety boat to another club to be used as a safety boat will be permitted without a formal request being received by the committee in writing from the borrowing club and that being approved by the committee in writing.


Rules for the casual use of the safety Boat

  1. Keys, kill cord, outboard hood are for the time being to be kept in the usual place in Thurne. Please contact if you need to know the location.   Please check there is sufficient fuel and notify if it is getting low.
  2. The borrowed safety boat may NOT be left on the club site or other mooring unattended, for instance whilst you go sailing. It may be needed by another member.
  3. If one safety boat is away on loan to another club or being serviced or repaired etc., the other must be left in the dyke mooring. It is the responsibility of whoever takes the safety boat away to ensure that the other is left in its place in Thurne Dyke. Contact for the location of the keys for the second safety boat.
  4. On the rare occasions that both safety boats are unavailable, a notice will be placed on the website front page giving the dates and the moorings officer will endeavour to contact volunteers on the mowing rota so other arrangements can be made.
  5. No non-member should be permitted to operate the safety boat.
  6. Please sweep the safety boat out after use with the duspan and brush kept under the rear seat for the purpose.
  7. Any problems with the safety boat or it’s engine must be reported to