If you wish your boat be added to this list please email your Boat name, Sail number, Boat type, Names/s of owner/s, any Information and details about the boat and if required a Photograph in any format or size, to Paul Stevens newsletter@ea-cc.org

Rec NoTypeSail NoNameOwner(s)
1RCC287SolaceJB, JD & CF Aves
7RCC209EvergreenDavid and Ruth Thompson
8RCC288Jasmine of HorningDavid Radley and Miriam McKay
11Motor BoatLady MaryNeal and Tricia Duffield
13Motor BoatKoraliAlan and Hilde Davies
14RCC263PoppyGraham and Lesley Trimmer
15RCC111BrunettePhilip and Pat Bray
16RCC146SallyThe Burton Family, Steve, Lisa and Dad
17RCC15PirateTom Moore
19RCC243PicusRichard and Sally Culling
20KeelboatP41ScoopsMalcolm Duffield
21RCC86Moss RoseClaire, Paul and Brent Markham
22RCC239GliderDavid and Claire Calder
23RCC318PippinjackPaul and Jane Stevens
24RCC223SnowbirdNick & Amanda Wiggins
25RCC282SandpiperColin and Frankie Little
26RCC416Alice RoseTim and Tracy Riches and family
27RCC421CrocusJamie, Phill and Sally Ann
28RCC375AmaryllisChris Tuckett
29RCC249StarshellPaul and Ruth Bonham