Sunday 8th October 2023


Details will be published here when available 


Updated 22nd September 2022

A one day regatta with two passage races for combined RCC and Allcomers

 Colin and Liz Chettleburgh   The Moorings at 10am

Sunday 9th October 2022

10.00 Briefing at EACC Moorings, Thurne

10.30 Passage race to St Benet’s Abbey– split starts from EACC Moorings.

Trophy: Jubilee Cup

Current Holder: Phil Montague: Pickle


14.30  Passage race back to the EACC moorings.

Trophy: Joe Delf Trophy

Current Holder: John Aves: Solace

Please email with your boat name, handicap, helm and mobile number to enter – preferably by Friday 7 October.

Entries also accepted on the day by 9.45 am please. As well as a verbal briefing, we will set up a Whatsapp group to share the course, split starts etc. Please also use the Whatsapp group to liaise with OODs and safety boat crew in case of an emergency.

NB: The starting order will be fastest boats first in both races!

For more information contact







































OOD  Malcolm Duffield (ill so actually Liz Ollier) has advised that depending on the weather on the day the current plan is for the racing to be as per printed programme save that the start is going to be at or near Thurne Mouth.
OOD reserves the right to amend course on the day. 


Entries to both races must be made by 9pm Saturday 9th October using the email link at the bottom of this page. There will be no briefing and no signing in. Entrants will be signed up to an Autumn Regatta WhatsApp group which may be used to communicate further information as needed. If it is necessary to cancel the event due to an adverse weather forecast or changes to the Covid regulations entrants will be informed in good time via the WhatsApp group.
There will be no organised social activity at the club site.
Competitors and safety boat crew are required to wear personal floatation devices to reduce any potential demand on safety.
The safety boat will be used to finish the morning race and to start the afternoon race.  Rescue facilities may be limited. In an emergency, please post a message on the Autumn Regatta WhatsApp Group and the safety boat will respond.  There will be no ferrying of club members to or from the Club site with the exception of those involved in the race management unless an emergency arises.






11.00 am. JUBILEE CUP passage race to SOUTH WALSHAM 

Current Holder: Phil Motague, Pickle


From around Thurne Mouth to South Walsham via a buoy likely to be laid towards Upton before heading for the finishing line somewhere short of South Walsham Broad depending upon the wind strength.


The OODs will set a course which will be displayed on the boards at the start line along with direction of rounding and details of any split starts. The exact position of the mark may be communicated via the WhatsApp group if necessary. 



We will mudweight and picnic on our boats on the Broad – please bring your own picnic.



14.00  JOE DELF TROPHY passage race back to the moorings.

Current Holder: Phil Montague, Pickle


Race back from South Walsham, via a buoy towards Upton with the finish at the EACC Moorings. Position of start line to be decided by OOD and will be communicated to entrants.




Contact Joe Farrow for further details: