Sunday, 14th May 2023



A one day club regatta with two river races for each of River Cruisers Class and Allcomers


 Race Officer: John Aves Venue:  Club Moorings


10:00   Briefing


11:00   River Cruisers - Race 1 

            Trophy:  Morning Tankard     Current Holder: Hilary Franzen: Martlet


11.05   Allcomers - Race 1 (1st of two race series)

            Trophy: Spring Regatta Allcomers Cup    Current Holder: Not Raced for in 2022



14.00   River Cruisers - Race 2 

           Trophy: Afternoon Tankard  Current Holder: Adrian Lincoln: Tinkerbell


14.05   Allcomers - Race 2 (2nd of two race series)


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