Saturday, 15th - Sunday, 16th July 2023

A two day club regatta for River Cruisers and Allcomers

Venue: Club Moorings

Saturday, 15th July Race Officer: Paul Stevens

10.30     Briefing

11:00     River Cruisers and Allcomers - Race 1

Earliest start for Thurne Roundabout. Do the three marks of course in any order, starting any time after 11:00 and must finish by 16:00 or will be timed out. A boat may compete more than once in that period but must have a different helm each time. Helms may compete more than once in different boats. To count towards the Bradnock season series please see new rules in the Sailing Instructions.

Trophies:   Cooke Cup (RCC)    Current Holder: Steve Burton, Wandering Rose

                  Ebbage Cup (Allcomers)    Current Holder:  Adrian Lincoln, W27 Celandine

Evening:   DIY Barbeque at the club moorings in the evening.

Sunday, 16th July Race Officer: Steve Seeney

10:30     Briefing

11:00     River Cruisers - Race 1 Around marks.
Trophy: Roy Pike Trophy.  Current Holder: Adrian Lincoln: Tinkerbell

11:05     Allcomers - Race 1 Around the marks.
Trophy: Greyhound Cup Current Holder:  Not presented in 2022

14:00     River Cruisers - Race 2 Around the marks.
Trophy: Filibuster Cup, Current Holder:  Hilary Franzen: Martlet

14:05 Allcomers - Race 2  Around the marks.
Trophy: Int 14 Trophy. Current Holder: Not presented in 2022