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You will be aware that for some time the EACC committee has been considering the possibility of a clubhouse on our moorings. The club was offered the lease of the adjoining plot and new building, but the extra land had no advantage to the club, equally there were no additional moorings and eventually the rental cost of this proved to be prohibitive. This led us to thinking about the condition of the existing storage facilities on the EACC site. The small shed is no longer fit for purpose and the green box, although still in reasonable condition has limited space and a somewhat cumbersome lid. A sub-committee was formed to consider the problem.


The original idea for the shed was a garden shed, bought from a standard shed manufacturer and measuring about 12’ x 8’ to sit on the same site as the existing storage. The budget for this was about £1000 for the shed and the same or a bit more for the necessary drawings and the planning permission.


As planning approval was needed, the committee agreed to submit a planning application to the Broads Authority for a shed to replace both the tin shed and the green box. After much consultation with the landowner, their agent and the Broads Authority, we decided to include on this planning application a plan for a new clubhouse. The committee is aware that the club does not have the financial resources, nor the agreement from club members, to erect a clubhouse but felt the opportunity was too good to let pass. The sub-committee will investigate costs including securing grants for the construction of the entire development.


This application was drawn up professionally and we are pleased to tell EACC members that we have been granted planning permission for both the storage shed and a potential clubhouse. There are conditions attached to the permission, but they are all solvable.

The Committee agreed that the replacement of the storage shed really cannot wait and has decided that this must be done whatever happens with the potential clubhouse. We are therefore pursuing quotes from shed manufacturers and investigating grants.

The clubhouse will be costed carefully and together with the cost of the storage shed, the sub- committee will seek grants. If available this could cover the cost of the whole development of the site. If a grant is not available then the clubhouse will not be built, but we will still proceed with the storage shed from existing club funds.


The Committee fully realises this will be an ongoing commitment for the club in future years. So, rest assured that before we progress with the clubhouse we will have a discussion with the membership of EACC, either at the next AGM or at an EGM.


Tom Moore is the lead in this project, please speak to him or any member of the committee if you have any further questions.


15th June 2020






At the AGM on 9th December 2023 a presentation and proposal to build a clubhouse on the EACC moorings was made by Tom Moore.


The current situation was summarised with regards the approved planning permission that is in place for the clubhouse and the proposed building design.

An overview of potential building materials that could be used and likely costs was given, and a summary of possible piling issues and solutions.


Tom kindly offered to fund the project on the proviso a Fund Raising Sub-Committee was set up to investigate and apply for grants to pay-back the costs incurred.

The proposal was to ask for a ‘Go / No Go’ from the members to empower the committee to go ahead with the next stage of the development to understand in more detail the costs and construction methods before starting any works.


Questions from the members:

  1. 1)  Planning permission was 3 years ago, has this expired? No – works have already started by

    building the shed so there are no issues with the PP

  2. 2)  Were the moorings over-topped in the recent flooding? Would this be an issue? No – the

    shed was fine and proposed screw pilings will keep the clubhouse 100mm clear of the


  3. 3)  Once the site is developed will there be an increase in rent from the landlord? No – the

    landowner is fully aware of the plans and the rent is locked down in the new 7 year lease.

  1. 4)  What is the usage of the building? Will all members have access to it? Is it only for club events? Will moorings holders have access to the clubhouse? Yes – similar to the shed there is likely to be a combination lock that will allow members to have access at all times.

  2. 5)  Is there an option for a toilet? Yes – compost toilet is an option and is approved in the PP.


Proposed by Colin Chettleburgh, Seconded by Ian Stewart. 17 voted for, 1 voted against, 4 abstained. Proposal was approved.






At the committee meeting on 8th January 2024 a fund raising sub committee was formed to investigate and apply for grants to pay-back the costs incurred as agreed at the 2023 AGM.













Ground testing for screw piles has been untertaken on the club site.

We await the results with interest.


25th January 2024


Photo Right: Tom Moore







UPDATE 5.2.2024: The ground testing above suggests that screw piles will not be a suitable option on our site and as a result viable alternatives are being investigated.