Spring Cruise 24 1 



Friday 3rd May - Monday 6th May 2024

All Photos: Susie Spivey




Stubbornly high-water levels seem to have deemed anything above Potter as too much of a risky challenge (don’t forget I arranged a Winter Wade!), and with having given the White Horse a good go on the Winter Wade, a change of pub was in order. As we have, in recent years, been able to attract a reasonable turn out for the Spring Cruise decent moorings, and a decent pub are a must.

With this, and the ‘If it is not broken don’t fix it’ attitude, we went to Coltishall again for 2024 - Yes it was a bit like ‘Ground Hog Day’.

So in the planning I phoned Cally (she was in India!) to ask if we could drop in at her place on the Saturday evening for a BBQ – she said yes, and volunteered Jo for all sorts of things without having a clue her garden was well below water level.

As we go closer to the event, and Jo and Cally came home it was decided that it was not going to be an option to have a BBQ at theirs, so the Viaduct moorings were brought into play.

So to the event ……

Friday 3rd May, those able to, and keen enough met in ThurneLion. The EACC table, booked for 7pm, was very much a ‘car club’, as all who ate drove. Special mention must be made of Roger and Lesley (Lily), who despite the wet cold weather insisted on staying on their boat. They did walk up to meet the ‘car club’ for a drink. 

Regrettably I missed the evening as I did not feel too good!

Saturday 4th May the fleet made upstream to Wroxham, with informal lunch stops at Cockshoot and Salhouse. For the evening mooring on Saturday 4th May (now the Viaduct moorings at Wroxham), we were met by other members who arrived by various boats, and tenders. There was one boat that had a BBQ, others made use of the local restaurants and take away facilities.

In the morning, I thought I felt better, but by the afternoon I didn’t so kept out of the way in case I was infectious, so didn’t see much of Saturday evening.

Sunday 5th May we were booked in at The Recruiting Sergeant in Coltishall (well actually Horstead, but you know where I mean) for our Sunday evening meal. A group of 27, I believe had a very nice meal at the pub. – I missed it as I still did not feel well!

Monday with fine weather, and myself feeling a little better we set off home, stopping at various locations for lunch.

A few of us even got a sail in for the trip back down the Bure and up the Thurne (I was feeling better now)! 

Jimmy James

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