Rigging Out Supper 

The 2021 Rigging Out Supper was held at Wroxham, Horning, South Walsham, Ludham, Ludham II, Hickling, Norwich, Norwich II and over the county border in Aldeburgh, Suffolk in the form of a number of supper-eats to meet the rule of 6 required in respect of Covid19.  It was held in separate households (indoors, warm), in gardens around fires (cosy, starlit), in gazebos (field kitchens, festival-stylee), on verandas with lobster and asparagus (gourmet) or on boats (convivial, cold) - but the main thing is that it was held, with EACC members together in spirit although limited to groups of 6.  

There was an optional 'participation-entertainment’ offered to give members the chance to do something together, albeit separate, in the form of a limerick, a riddle to solve and an arithmetical puzzle.  For the limerick the requirement was that it should include either ‘boat’,’cruiser’ or ‘punt’.  There was good general participation, but sadly many of the offerings were lost in the ravages of the evening. Those that have survived include the following:

With the Doves on Tom’s brand new cruiser,

We’ve had fab Fish Pie à la Julia,
With 2 jabs apiece,
‘Twas an intimate feast,
Much nicer than any old boozer. 

(Pirate, Ceres, Dove)

There was a young man with a boat
Who really liked a good gloat
One day things got rocky
When he got too cocky
And then his boat wouldn't float!


(Come you along and chums)

Three Farrington boats set out for the day,
In an East wind they made good way,
Someone said Cheers,
So they drank some more beers,
But still got home safely, Hooray!
(Lily, Evergreen & Pippinjack, hunkered down (with insufficient blankets) at Hunters)

For some unexplained reason, one of the groups hamstrung themselves by determining that their limerick should include ’Nantucket’, but then struggled to find a suitable rhyme. Here is one we have done for them:

There was a musician of Nantucket
Who went off to sea in a bucket
He said “This thing barely floats,
My harp makes a better boat
And if marooned I can at least pluck it."


We look forward to seeing you all in person on the water soon